Users First

We believe in putting users first whenever possible. However clever an idea might be, if it doesn’t help the user find what they’re after – or worse, makes it difficult for them to do so — there is probably a better approach.

For communication to succeed, it isn’t enough to just transmit a message; the message must be received. Creating successful communication via the web requires developing empathy with our users — the ability to step outside ourselves and experience a site through fresh eyes — just as a busy, distracted, modern web user might.

Experience Matters

Metric Media was founded in Seattle in 2002, and each member of our core team has been in the development business for at least 10 years. We’ve all had experience running our own businesses prior to Metric Media, so we’re able to bring a deeper understanding of the business environment and our clients’ needs to the work we do.

We’re a small company but we have an extensive network of contractors and consultants that expand our effective skill set — from Salesforce to SEO, ASP.NET, server configuration and more.

Our flexible team allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive approach to solving their web challenges. In addition to programming, we’re well versed in working through design challenges, bringing designers up to speed on responsive design, helping our clients better communicate with their users, and helping them make choices that best benefit their business.

Our experience with companies of all sizes – Fortune 500 firms, national and local nonprofits, startups, family businesses and one-person endeavors – means we’re comfortable diving into just about any project.